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About IMAS

The International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) listed in the page List of IMAS are now the standards in force for all UN mine action operations. They were initially endorsed by the UN Inter-Agency Coordination Group on Mine Action on 26 September 2001.

The IMAS have been designed through a progressive series of consultative activities involving a broad spectrum of mine action stakeholders. The IMAS will continue to evolve and develop, as new standards are completed and approved, and as changes are made to those already issued. Information on the continuous review process is available on the page IMAS Review Board. The mine action community is encouraged to contribute to the review process. Comments can be sent to the IMAS Review Board Secretary at the GICHD and the IMAS Review Board Chairperson at UNMAS through the Contact Form.

Standards in Word version are available on this site using a login account. Register here to obtain an account. Standards in Word version are also available on the IMAS Flash Disk distributed for free by the GICHD.

IMAS Amendments

The review process can lead to changes in an IMAS. If the changes are simple, they will be incorporated into an existing IMAS as an amendment and the latest amendment number will be shown on the IMAS title page. The changes made in the amended IMAS are recorded in an amendment table that will have been added to the specific IMAS. If the review process leads to a need for major changes to an IMAS, a new edition will be produced.

Non-English Versions of IMAS

A number of standards have been translated into different languages. Most of these are regarded as "unofficial" because they have not been endorsed by a UN-approved translation service, but they are believed to be accurate translations. Readers should check which date, edition and amendment number the translation refers to, as a later version in English may have been produced.

Some IMAS have been translated into Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, Russian, Persian and Spanish.

Development of IMAS

The development of IMAS will continue and new standards, when formulated, will appear on this website. An IMAS Review Board oversees the continuous review process for IMAS. See IMAS Review Board  for more information on the IMAS review process and IMAS Review Board.

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