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Proposals for new IMAS/TN or amendments

To propose a new IMAS/TN or amendment to an existing one, please fill in the Justification Form (WORD, 53KB) and send it to the Review Board Secretary, Rory Logan, at imas(at)gichd.org.

This form is intended to provide the starting point in a process that identifies both shortcomings and improvements needed in International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and the associated Technical Notes.

After it has been properly completed and submitted, the proposal will be reviewed by the Chairman and the Secretary of the IMAS Review Board who will then include their comments, if any, and circulate it to the Review Board. If there is support for the proposal from at least 25 percent of the Review Board’s members the process will continue.

  • Note 1: When the Review Board supports the subject matter, the proposal for a new IMAS will be submitted to the IMAS Steering Group for approval.

  • Note 2: In the event of amendments to an existing IMAS, this form will only be used when the amendments are substantial (e.g. NMAA and Mine Action Organizations may need to amend their National Standards and/or SOPs).

  • Note 3: When the Review Board cannot agree on a proposal, the issue will be put to the IMAS Steering Group for a final decision.

The following proposals and justifications have been made to the IMAS Review Board:

Date of submissionTitleName of Initiator/organisationDecision of Review BoardStatus
29 Sep 14Proposal for a new Technical Note (TN) on test and evaluation of machines other than machines designed to detonate hazards (PDF 54KB )Snail Aid
SupportedBeing drafted
20 Oct 13Proposal for the amendment of IMAS 09.40, 09.41, 09.42, 09.43 and 09.44 (PDF 37KB)MACCAConsidered/IncludedBeing drafted
30 Sep 13Proposal for a new CWA on ethical use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (PDF 42KB)TIRAMISUNot supportedDropped
30 Sep 13Proposal for a new CWA on objectives of technical survey and effectiveness of machines in technical survey (PDF 48KB )TIRAMISUNot supportedDropped
21 Jun 13Proposal for the amendment of the TN on Clearance of Depleted Uranium Hazards (PDF 37KB)International Coalition to Ban Uranium WeaponsSupportedBeing drafted
14 Sep 12Proposal for a new standard on Humanitarian Underwater Demining (PDF 78KB) Regional Centre for Divers's Training and Underwater DeminingSupportedDraft IMAS circulated
16 Jul 12Proposal for the amendment of IMAS 09.40 to 09.44 on Animal Detection (PDF 63KB)Participants of the GICHD Animal Detection System (ADA) workshop June 2012SupportedBeing drafted
09 Jul 12Proposal for the amendment of IMAS 09.20 and 07.40 on Post-clearance sampling (PDF 136KB)GICHDSupportedBeing drafted
12 Mar 12Proposal for a TN on Chinese type 84 Cluster Munitions (PDF 73KB)UNMASSupportedSuspended
09 Mar 12Proposal for a TN for Responding to IED threats within demining operations (PDF 90KB)OPTIMA Defence & Security (ODS)Ongoing-
12 Jan 12Proposal for a new IMAS/TN for EOD Level 4 plus competency (PDF 198KB)MAG and Allen Vanguard Threat SolutionsSupportedBeing drafted
25 Oct 11Proposal for the amendment of the land release series of IMAS (PDF 51KB)APOPO, NPA, DDG, DCA, MAG, HI and GICHDSupportedCompleted and published
01 Sep 11Proposal for the amendment of IMAS 09.50 on mechanical demining (PDF 72KB)(a member of the Review Board) SupportedCompleted and published
01 Jun 11Proposal for the development of an IMAS on infomation management (PDF 38KB)GICHDSupportedCompleted and published IMAS 05.10


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