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Reporting to RAPID

Information needed for the RAPID database is not normally captured by information management systems. However, IMSMA v6 now includes the RAPID specific fields as well as the data entry forms needed for reporting to RAPID.

At present, you have three options to send information to the GICHD at rapid(at)gichd.org

  • You can use the excel file designed for this purpose to fill in all the information related to an incident/accident in demining and send it to us by email.
  • If you are currently using IMSMA v6, you will find the two data entry templates (RAPID Accident and RAPID Victim) in the system. If you are currently using IMSMA NG version 5.08.04, you can import the RAPID incident and victim forms (in ffml format). If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact your IMSMA focal point at GICHD.
  • You can also send the accident investigation reports by email or by post but this is not the preferred option.

Any of the above options should be used to report any past or future demining accidents/incidents. The GICHD will also send you a quarterly reminder form.
If you have any questions or require assistance do not hesitate to contact us at rapid(at)gichd.org.



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