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IMAS in English

The latest versions of the IMAS in PDF form in English are listed below.

Standards in Word version are available on this site using a login account. Register here to obtain an account. Standards in Word version are also available on the IMAS USB Flash Drive distributed for free by the GICHD.

Guide for the Application of IMAS

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
01.10 Guide for the application of IMAS PDF, 167KBEd. 2, Amendment 9  

Establishment of Mine Action Programmes

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
02.10Guide for the establishment of a mine action programmePDF, 182KB Ed. 1, Amendment 3

Equipment Testing & Evaluation

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
03.10Guide to the procurement of mine action equipmentPDF, 125KBEd. 1, Amendment 6
03.20The procurement processPDF, 234KBEd. 1, Amendment 6
03.30Guide to the research of mine action technologyPDF, 91KBEd. 1, Amendment 5
03.40Test and evaluation of mine action equipmentPDF, 153KBEd. 1, Amendment 6

Glossary of Terms and Definitions

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
04.10Glossary of mine action terms, definitions and abbreviations PDF, 752KBEd. 2, Amendment 9
04.10Glossary of mine action terms, definitions and abbreviations (RB Draft)PDF, 779KBDRAFT

Information Management

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
05.10Information management for mine actionPDF, 118KBEd. 1, Amendment 1
05.10Information management for mine action (RB Draft)PDF, 363KBDRAFT

Management of Training

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
06.10Management of trainingPDF, 166KBEd. 1, Amendment 3

Management, Accreditation and Monitoring

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
07.10Guide for the management of Land Release and Residual Contamination Operations PDF, 554KBEd 1, Amendment 7 
07.11Land Release PDF, 573KBEd. 1, amendment 4 
07.12Quality Management in Mine Action  PDF, 764KBEd. 1 
07.13Environmental Management in Mine Action PDF, 464KBEd. 1
07.20Guide for the development and management of mine action contractsPDF, 185KBEd. 1, Amendment 3
07.30Accreditation of demining organisations and operationsPDF, 608KBEd. 3
07.40Monitoring of mine action organisationsPDF, 957KBEd. 2
07.42Monitoring of stockpile destruction programmes
PDF, 98KBEd. 1, Amendment 6


IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
08.10Non-Technical Survey PDF, 286KBEd. 1, Amendment 3 
08.20Technical Survey PDF, 253KBEd.1 Amendment 3 
08.30Post-clearance documentationPDF, 96KBEd. 2, Amendment 5
08.40Marking mine and ERW hazardsPDF, 199KBEd. 2, Amendment 4

EO Clearance

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
09.10Clearance requirementsPDF, 86KBEd. 2, Amendment 5
09.11Battle Area Clearance (BAC)
PDF, 113KBEd. 1, Amendment 3
09.12EOD clearance of ammunition  storage area explosions
PDF, 602KBEd. 1
09.13Building Clearance (RB Draft)PDF, 441KBDRAFT
09.30Explosive Ordnance Disposal - EODPDF, 340KBEd. 2, Amendment 5
09.31Improvised Explosive Device Disposal - IEDD (RB Draft)PDF, 503KBDRAFT
09.40Animal Detection Systems - Principles,  Requirements and Guidelines PDF, 258KBEd. 3 
09.41Operational procedures for Mine Detection DogsPDF, 121KBEd. 2, Amendment 3
09.42Operational testing of mine detection dogs and handlersPDF, 153KBEd. 2, Amendment 3
09.43Remote Explosive Scent Tracing - RESTPDF, 121KBEd. 2, Amendment 3
09.44Guide to occupational health and general dog carePDF, 315KBEd. 2, Amendment 3
09.50Mechanical deminingPDF, 142KBEd. 1, Amendment 4
09.60Underwater Survey and Clearance of Explosive OrdnancePDF, 734KBEd. 1

Mine Action Safety and Occupational Health - S&OH

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
10.10General requirements
PDF, 89KBEd. 1, Amendment 5
10.20Demining worksite safetyPDF, 164KBEd. 1, Amendment 7
10.30Personal Protective Equipment - PPEPDF, 89KBEd. 2, Amendment 4
10.40Medical support to demining operationsPDF, 96KBEd. 1, Amendment 5
10.50Storage, transportation and handling of explosivesPDF, 570KBEd. 3
10.60Reporting & investigation of demining incidentsPDF, 512KBEd. 1, Amendment 6

Mine/ERW Stockpile Destruction

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
11.10Guide for the destruction of stockpiled anti-personnel mines
PDF, 102KBEd. 2, Amendment 6
11.20Principles and procedures for open burning and open detonation operations
PDF, 151KBEd. 2, Amendment 6
11.30National planning guidelines for stockpile destructionPDF, 318KBEd. 2, Amendment 6

Mine and ERW Risk Education

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
12.10Mine/ERW Risk EducationPDF, 171KBEd. 2, Amendment 2

Support to Victims

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
Series 13No IMAS has been published on Support to Victims yet, but the United Nations Policy on Victim Assistance in Mine Action can be used as a reference.

Evaluation of Mine Action Programmes

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
14.10Guide for the evaluation of mine action interventionsPDF, 169KBEd. 1, Amendment 3

* notes

Standards marked with a * have been reviewed and accepted by the IMAS Review Board and are pending final endorsement by the IMAS Steering Group and adoption by the UN IACG for mine action at Principal's level.

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