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IMAS in Ukrainian

For a complete and up-to-date set of IMAS please refer to the IMAS in English.

For information about draft IMAS, see the ENGLISH pages.

Standards in Word version are available on this site using a login account. Register here to obtain an account. Standards in Word version are also available on the IMAS CD distributed for free by the GICHD.

Guide for the Application of IMAS

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
01.10Guide for the application of IMAS PDF, 339 KBEd. 2, Am 8

Establishment of Mine Action Programmes

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
02.10Guide for the establishment of a mine action programmePDF, 534 KBEd. 1, Am 3

Glossary of Terms and Definitions

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
04.10Glossary of mine action terms, definitions and abbreviations PDF, 485KBEd. 2, Am 6

Information Management

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
05.10Information management PDF, 270KBEd. 1, Draft Edition, Am 1

Management, Accreditation and Monitoring

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
07.11Land Release PDF, 318KBEd. 1, Am 2


IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
08.10Non-Technical SurveyPDF, 209KBEd. 1, Am 2
08.20Technical SurveyPDF, 185KBEd. 1, Am 2
08.30Post-clearance documentationPDF, 92KBEd. 2, Am 5

Mine and ERW Clearance

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
09.10Clearance requirementsPDF, 132KBEd. 2, Am 5
09.11Battle Area Clearance PDF, 238KBEd. 1, Am 3
09.12EOD Clearance of ammunition PDF, 258KBEd. 1, Draft Edition
09.30Explosive Ordnance Disposal - EOD PDF, 92KBEd. 2, Am 4
09.60Underwater Survey and Clearance of Explosive OrdnancePDF 1280KBEd. 1

Mine and ERW Risk Education

IMAS numberTitleFormat, SizeVersion
12.10Mine/ERW Risk EducationPDF, 428 KBEd. 2, Am 2
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