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About NMAS

NMAS are standards issued by a National Mine Action Authority (NMAA) to guide the management and implementation of mine action projects, in that country, in a safe, coordinated and efficient manner. NMAS are not International Mine Action Standards with the acronyms changed from International to National. Effective NMAS will reflect the situation of the national landmine and ERW threat, the national response to that threat, the situation of survivors and victims and the long term legislation enacted or planned to support a strategic response to the threat.

Effective NMAS whilst reflecting the local requirements within the mine action programme should also ensure that they adhere to the main guiding principles of IMAS and other national or international norms and standards and be in compliance with the international conventions related to landmines and ERW. They should reflect national ownership, protect those most at risk, build national capacity, and maintain and apply appropriate and consistent standards for mine action.

Although, NMAS will be largely based on IMAS they may be different in terms of chapters and contents. In addition, the NMAS of one mine-affected country may be different from another country as they reflect local realities. Like IMAS, the NMAS should be developed in consultation with a broad cross section of mine action stakeholders including the government (NMAA and MAC), UN, donors, implementing partners (operators) and representatives from the legal authority. They need to be reviewed periodically to ensure that they are up-to-date and in compliance with IMAS and relevant national regulations. The development of NMAS is one of the key elements of national ownership and demonstrates a national capacity in an individual country.

To help share information and knowledge within the wider mine action community, NMAS of a number of mine-affected countries are posted on this website as examples.

These NMAS are those of each country’s national mine action authority and do not necessarily reflect those standards recommended by the GICHD and/or UNMAS. These NMAS are not, therefore, guaranteed to be up-to-date or complete, and should not be considered as endorsed or approved by the GICHD and/or UNMAS. Any questions or queries regarding these NMAS should be sent to the relevant national authority.

If you wish to post your national standards on the IMAS Website, please send an electronic copy of your NMAS to the GICHD (see contact information below).

UNMAS and the GICHD welcome any questions, suggestions or comments that you may have on standards or their contribution to the mine action community. Specialists are available to assist you to understand the principle of IMAS and NMAS, to help build a structure for NMAS, to help develop specific standards and to review your national standards and provide useful feedback if required. If you think you need help, please contact UNMAS or GICHD and they will be glad to provide you with appropriate advice.


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