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Sri Lanka

National Mine Action Standards for Sri Lanka

SLNMAS numberTitleFile, SizeVersion
ForewordPDF, 140KB2nd Ed.
IndexPDF, 7KB
01Introduction to the SLNMAS and Mine Action terms and definitionsPDF, 362KB2nd Ed.
02The Accreditation ProcessPDF, 209KB1st Ed.
03Training and QualificationsPDF, 50KB1st Ed.
04The Land Release ProcessPDF, 91KB1st Ed.
04.10The Non-Technical SurveyPDF, 194KB1st Ed.
04.20The Technical SurveyPDF, 394KB2nd Ed.
04.30Manual Mine ClearancePDF, 432KB2nd Ed.
04.40The use of Mechanical systemsPDF, 112KB1st Ed.
04.50The use of Mine Detectin DogsPDF, 52KBto be drafted
04.60Battle Area ClearancePDF, 63KB1st Ed.
04.70Post-clearance DocumentationPDF, 143KB1st Ed.
05Marking of HazardsPDF, 395KB1st Ed.
06Explosive Ordnance DisposalPDF, 51KBto be drafted
07Personal Protective EquipmentPDF, 38KB1st Ed.
08Quality ManagementPDF, 178KB1st Ed.
09Medical support to clearance operationsPDF, 66KB2nd Ed.
10Storage, transportation & handling of explosivesPDF, 52KBto be drafted
11Reporting and investigation of demining incidentsPDF, 210KB2nd Ed.
12Mine Risk EducationPDF, 294KB2nd Ed.
13Reporting and report formatsPDF, 58KB1st Ed.
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