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T&E Protocols in English


T&E ProtocolTitleFile, SizeVersion
T&EP 06/2003
T&EP 09/2008
T&E of Metal Detectors Part I
T&E of Metal Detectors Part II
PDF,   996KB
PDF, 1125KB
June 2003
September 2008
T&EP 12/2009T&E of Demining Machines
Lessons Learned Part 1
Lessons Learned Part 2
Lessons Learned Part 3
Lessons Learned Part 4
PDF, 2600KB
PDF, 1600KB
PDF,   353KB
PDF, 1000KB
PDF,   633KB
December 2009 
T&EP 01/2014T&E Protocol on EOD Competency StandardsPDF, 953KB
T&EP 04/2008

Follow-on after Use of Demining MachinesPDF,  322KBApril 2008
T&EP 04/2008Quality Management for Mechanical DeminingPDF,  313KBApril 2008
T&EP 09/2007Personal Protective EquipmentPDF, 415KBSeptember 2007



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